Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dress Shopping

Two posts in one? Well now aren't you a lucky reader!

Yesterday I visited Amanda Lina Sposa Boutique in Woodbridge ON. What an emotional experience it was for me. I was greeted by the owner of the boutique Sam, his wife Rachelle and an absolutely wonderful woman named Maria. Maria took one look at me and said "I'm going to pull some dresses for you to try on, that I think will look great on you." Maria has one keen eye because she knew my size and the exact style that I was going for.

If there ever was a time that I would feel like a celebrity it was certainly right then. The camera person from City TV had come along with me, Kelly and Laura to film some of the shopping so that they could show it on Breakfast Television. It didn't take long to find THE dress. I fell absolutely in love with it the moment that I put it on. It fit like a second skin on me and I swear I was absolutely on cloud nine!

Maria and Rachelle explained to me that it was Sam who had contacted Breakfast Television when he had heard our story. He sent an email to them stating that he would like to provide the dress for our big day. Sam is also a very kind and generous man. I wanted to make sure that they were more than welcome to come and celebrate the day with us.

I'm not going to show you, dear friend the actual dress. (that is just tempting fate!) But I will post here and now some pictures of the dresses that I did try on.

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