Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Cake Crusader!!

Laura, Kelly and I made a visit to The Cake Crusader. Joanna Russo is the Owner of the company and creates custom made cakes for various occasions. I had the pleasure of seeing a lovely cake that she had created that included a sugar paste baby in a bassinette. This lovely woman has some amazing artistic abilities that I am totally envious of!

She works with Diane. Diane bakes the cakes and Joanna adds her artistic flair and design. They are wonderful. She shared with me some sugar paste pansies and the design that she had in mind for our wedding cake. I swear that the flowers looked as though they had just been hand picked.

I want you to take a look for yourself.

I've been including links to the vendors that have been gracious to volunteer and sponsor our event. The Cake Crusader's website can be found here.

Take care!

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